Sunday, April 29, 2018

Unfortunately, once seen, things cannot be unseen.

 Unfortunately, once seen, things cannot be unseen.

They were young, in love and liked doing it doggie style.

 Heinrich nearly got himself fucked to death.

Bottom: Don’t cum in me! 

Top: Too late.

Percy thought he was dreaming.

 He works hard for his money.


 Whip it! Whip it good!

More autoerotica.


Who is Jamie Dornan fucking?

John said it was his first time bottoming. Harry wasn't all that inclined to believe him.

Fucking his mate like only a straight guy can.

Kiss of a vampire... actually, it's pretty damn hot!

I like to look my Dad right in the eye while I suck him off.

They’re just naked and spooning... spooning really hard.

Seems like Colby Keller isn't so keen on getting fucked.

Bruce has a new job.


 Don't tell my mom, okay?