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Having a Gay Old Time...

Little Ho 
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If you're looking for skin, there's lots 

of it down below.

Image Via Mattadore
Images Via Mattadore

Finally, Reginald is going to introduce us 

to that girl.

Gerry, if they insist on calling you Geraldine, pretend not to notice.

Image Via Mattadore

I can't do it, Carla... 

And the gun isn't helping any!

Image Via Mattadore

SuperGay Video Game Hits iPad

What's it like living a triple life and protecting the world from an evil ex-girlfriend? A Barcelona publisher wants you to find out with their new video game for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

Gay Mobile: Gay Apps Come Out Strong Use Gay Power and a Rainbow Ray in 32 levels of "SuperGay & the Attack of his ExGirlfriends," modeled after the comic book. According to the publisher, SuperGay is leading a triple life as a closeted gay man and a superhero. He must stop his salty ex Lisa from blowing up the globe with a nuclear arsenal and you're in control.

Yeah, okay. I'm sure we can get rid 

of the skirts by midnight. 

My room number is 369.

Image Via Mattadore 

Sorry honey, but Steve and I have to do another presentation in Phoenix. We're gonna hav'ta overnight there.

It was the third time this month.  Lydia was beginning to get suspicious. 

Imagess Via Mattadore

Lance couldn't believe his eyes. 

'That two-timing slut!' 

He screamed in his mind. 

'He's taken up with a drag queen!'

Image Via Mattadore

Using his hypnotic super powers, Cedric made the blabber-mouth waiter see his new 'friend' as a basket full of cumquats.

Velma was really a lot of fun but Bryce liked her brother Victor so much better.

Image Via Mattadore

Jeez! That was a surprise! You shudda told me you were a guy instead of letting me find out the hard way.

Image Via Mattadore

After last night, are you sure there are no gay guys in India?

.So she says "Oh, you're so much like Ricky Martin..." An' I'm thinkin' to m'self 'in more ways than you'll ever wanna know, Cupcake.'

Image via Mattadore.

Pucker up, Baby. 

When I kisses them, they stay kissed!

Awww... and Sinead O'Connor would

undoubtedly think so too.

Image Via Mattadore

Patsy and Hedy need to take a good look at the writing on the wall.

Image Via Mattadore

Yes, Frank, it's true. We both had our rhinoplastes done at the same clinic in Sweden.

Image Via Art of Romance

Anita smiled knowingly as the guy she'd picked up did his best to impress her. Men are so stupid, she thought, but they do serve their purpose... 

She wanted to truly punish Melanie  and punish her she would - in spades!

Image Via Mattadore

Melanie felt punished.

Image Via Mattadore

Just one kiss...

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Image Via Pick of the Gay

I say a little prayer...

Butt Plugs from $55.99.

That and a bumpy road - 

would really put a smile on a guy's face... 

C'mon, y'all know this is how it really is.

Image Via Men in Suits

It's okay, Bruce, I've seen it hard before.

Image Via Mattadore

This is just so frikkin' gay!

And, Burt, so is this!

Image via Stylish Sarah

Guys in gold & silver lamé..?

Maybe it's a good thing the '70s finished up 30 years ago!

Juan Migues
Image via Atlas Men

Somewhere, over the rainbow...

Image Via

Here's to the red, white and blue...

Image via Gorgeous in Blue 

Almost touching...

Image via Hot Tight Buns


Image via Gorgeous in Blue 

What lies beneath...

Image via Gorgeous in Blue 
 Image via Gorgeous in Blu
Image via My Blog

Some thing tells me you don;t wanna date my daughter anymore!
Image via My Blog

Something tells me you don't wanna date my daughter anymore! 

Image via My Blog

fucking joseph 09/12/08
Image via My Illustrated Sex Life

Image via My Blog

Floppin' danglers...

Image via My Blog

How to draw a crowd at the beach.


Nothing to see here, move along please :)
Image via My Blog

Image via Gorgeous in Blue 

Image via Gorgeous in Blue 

Image via Gorgeous in Blue 

Image via Gorgeous in Blue 

Image via Gorgeous in Blue 

Image via Gorgeous in Blue 

Image via Fuck Me Brazil 
Image via Fuck Me Brazil 
Image via Fuck Me Brazil
Image via Pingalista
Image via Pingalista 

Ah, youth and flexibility...
Image via Pingalista
Image via Pingalista
Image via Pingalista 

Guess Who???
Image via Pingalista 

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