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By PJ Maytag -
As another year winds to a close, every gay man (and fag hag) begins the search for a new calendar of hot sexy men to adorn their wall. And the fact that there are literally hundreds out there can make choosing your favorite calendar boys an arduous task!
Have no fear; PULP is here, with a calendar that oozes sex appeal. Jack Mackenroth’s 2012 Calendar For The Cure is one of the best we’ve seen for the upcoming year.
Our cover boy, if you recall, adorned the pages of PULP back in ’09, following his stint on Project Runway in season four. The talented model/fashion designer had to bow out due to a Staph infection – but he left a lasting impact for being totally open about his HIV positive status.
Suddenly, there was a face for Poz men – and it’s beautiful. His continued activism and work for amfAR proves he’s more than just a pretty face.
Jack is an accomplished swimmer as well, which leads to an Adonis like physique that you can drool over every month of the upcoming year!All proceeds from Calendar For The Cure go to amfAR to help research. Jack’s HIV/AIDS activism continues to touch thousands of lives – giving hope and raising awareness that being Poz is not a death sentence. Order your calendar today at
I got to catch up with Jack to see what he’s up to now…
PULP: Last time we spoke with you, you were just starting Living Positive By Design. How has that grown and evolved for you since’09?
Jack Mackenroth: Well since then the HIV education program has toured around the country to over 15 cities. I can’t even name them all – Ft. Lauderdale, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philly, Kansas City, Houston, Chicago and on and on. This past year Mondo Guerra from Season 8 Of Project Runway joined the team.
You’ve recently teamed up with Mondo Guerra to help with your continuing endeavors to promote HIV awareness. Tell us a little about how your campaign is going?
It’s amazing. I think it’s great that he came on board because we reach a very different demographic and we have very different stories. I was diagnosed in 1989 and there were almost no treatments. I should be dead statistically. But I took good care of myself and I am one of the lucky ones – though I watched many friends and lovers die. Mondo has been positive almost 11 years and he was very sick before he got his wake up call. He was down to something like 14 t-cells when he turned his life around. Because I was on Bravo and he was on Lifetime when the show switched networks, my fan base tends to be more gay men and slightly older guys while his is more heavily women and the hispanic community since he’s Mexican-American. We make a good team.
Looking back, was your appearance on Project Runway a seminal experience for your life and work?
It was definitely beneficial. It’s purely exposure – and not necessarily positive. Any designer who is considering auditioning should know that it’s not “real.” The producers will exploit you. That makes good TV. But you can also use the exposure to your advantage. Be smart going into it and don’t think it’s a magic pill that will make all your dreams come true. The real hard work comes after the show. It’s hard to keep the public interested. How many former designers can you name? Maybe 10-15? Well there are over 120 of us. Most reality “stars” have a very short shelf life in the public eye. As long as you go into it with realistic expectations then you can have a blast! I’ve had amazing opportunities in so many arenas that I never would have expected. You have to be fearless and take it as it comes.
What’s it like being named one of the Sexiest Men Alive by DNAmagazine? Are you comfortable with that moniker?
Hahaha!! I think the key to my longevity as a reality ‘star’ is that I don’t believe the hype and I don’t take myself seriously as a celebrity. I love what I do and I love that I can affect and help others. I truly, truly appreciate my fans, and though I don’t have time to respond to all my Facebook messages and tweets (@jackmackenroth) I read them all and if someone has a serious question about design or especially HIV I always write back. I take my responsibility as a role model very seriously. I’m glad people find me sexy. We all know sex sells which is why I still do photo shoots. I work hard ay the gym and in the pool so I was honored. As far as I know Im the only out HIV+ man In that group so its great once again to show people that HIV is not a death sentence anymore.
Since that question segues nicely into my next – your Calendar for a Cure is sultry hotness! What is Calendar for a Cure all about, and of course, how can we get our hands on it?!
You can purchase it on my website at and 100% of the proceeds goto amfAR to fund HIV/AIDS research. I had done a bunch of photos shoots with really great photographers and I figured I should put my (ass)ets to a good cause. It’s been selling really well. It’s a great holiday gift – buy many!! I personalize and autograph every single one. It’s a collection of 15 images from different amazing photographers I have worked with over the past two years.
What photographers do you enjoy working with most? Who would you most like to work with?
HMMM – every one is a different experience. I like photographers that have an artistic vision that is creative, and not just about me taking my clothes off and standing in front of a wall. Mike Ruiz keeps telling me he’s gonna shoot me, but that queen hasn’t found time for me. (He’s a friend). I’d like to work with Justin Monroe. We’ve talked about it but his work can be borderline pornographic so I have to be careful.
So how’s your book Making Lemonaids coming along? I hear you’re taking the month off to complete it. Can you divulge some details about it? Is it a tell-all or a tome?
I have a place in Miami so I’m going down in January and Febuary to finish it. Its a sarcastic memoir about my life and the crazy adventures I’ve had. There will be some shockers in there, but mainly its a comedic perspective on how I’ve coped with really rough times in my life by laughing at myself and others. I divulge secrets that NO one knows. You’ll have to wait!!
Now on a personal note. Some of our readers are probably wondering if you’re single – or at least fantasizing that you are. Are you in a relationship at the moment?
I’m single and looking for the one. Honestly I’m so busy that most people get frustrated. If you are interested write me on Facebook, and say something other than, “You’re hot.”
Finally, the question that I can’t help asking – though, it’s a staple of interviews – what’s next for you?
Oh God – so much. I’m doing a movie in January. I have 3 TV shows in different stages of development – which means nothing until they are on the air. I’ve been doing guest spots in Style’s How Do I Look. I’m doing a calendar signing in Miami on the 26th at the Palace during White Party weekend. I continue to speak all over the country on HIV. I have engagements in Carbondale, Illinois and Omaha, Nebraska around December 1st World AIDS Day. Then I finish my book and see where that goes. I do a radio show 2 times a month called POZIAM and I’m talking to Sirius Radio about doing a once a month LGBT health segment. I’m in talks with 2 different design houses to come on board as a consultant. In my spare time I’m training with Team New York Aquatics for a big meet this summer in Reykjavik, Iceland. Is that enough? I’m sure there is more but I can’t even keep up with my life. I need a PR/PA intern if anyone is in New York and is interested in a couple hours a week.
Any last words for our PULP readers?
Follow me on Twitter. I was voted National Lampoon’s Best Gay Tweeter. I promise I will make you laugh every day and join my Facebook fanpage. All my contact info can be found on
Photo credits: Ray John, Frank Louis
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